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The Atheist Monument

The Atheist Monument ( actually called a "Monument to our Secular Nation")

The Monument event was a watershed moment for me.
Being surrounded by in excess of 250 atheists was a novel experience!
To gather that many atheists together in real life is awesome, and the electricity was in the air!
It was a fine event. American Atheists spearheaded the event and the Monument was paid for by
a private party. This same individual is donating the money to build 50 of these monuments spread out through the US.

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about the monument.
It is NOT an atheist monument.
The monument has some atheist quotes, but also many if not most are secular.
It is a reminder that this great nation was founded on the non-religious principles of equality and non-persecution.
It is not a monument to atheism.

The day went well with the exception of what transpired at the conclusion of the eloquent speeches made.

Probably 95% of all the attendees that day, drove many miles to be there for the unveiling.
The anticipation of posing with the monument as you had your photo taken was something we all looked forward to.

American Atheists David Silverman was kind enough to sit on the bench/monument and pose with all that were interested.
Lots of happy atheists got their photo with David that day.

Ironically it was as @Wondiebee's turn when Eric Hovind decided to jump up and on top of the monument that day.
In the newspaper photos you will see @Wondiebee sitting beside David Silverman with Eric Hovind standing on top of the

I never did get her that photo that day.

Hovind, showing the same lack of respect he showed all day, decided that the monument would be his personal pulpit to preach his
bullshit to a crowd of none too pleased atheists. He was up there for about 2-3 minutes. A sad, pathetic display for exhibitionist attention.
Finally, as David Silverman offered his hand to come down, Hovind stepped down. On his way he said something to David that I could not
make out. At that time someone in the crowd shouted, " They wouldn't like it if we stood on their monument!"
It was at that point that Mr. Silverman went over to the 10 Commandments monument and stood on the base of the monument,
not on top as some papers later reported erroneously.

After this happened, Hovind's lackey and partner in crime Sye approached the atheist monument/bench.
He was carrying a toilet seat in one hand and a roll of toilet paper in the other.

It was at this point that he loudly remarked more than once... "This monument I looks like a toilet and is a piece of shit."
To which he added..." It's not really complete with out this toilet seat and toilet paper."

All while this is happening, people are trying to get photos of the monument as they sit on the bench.
A guy sitting on the bench and @Wondibee both tried snatching the toilet seat away from Sye to no avail.

This whole time I was standing there observing and trying to keep my cool, even though I wanted to slug both of them!

That's when I latched onto the toilet seat and snatched it away from Sye. Once I had it I looked at where I wanted to throw it and
Let it fly Captain America shield style in the air and then into concrete about 30 feet away. No one was where it landed.

It was reported by those standing 10 feet away from the road, that a passing car had thrown it at them, they wrongly assumed
that was the case because they were not privy to the exchange between Sye and myself 30 feet away.

After I threw the seat, I looked at Sye and said, " There goes your toy, what are you gonna' do now?" He looked shocked.
Then again when I'm pissed off, @WondieBee says I look rather intimidating.

At that time @WondieBee and I took a break in the car to charge up our phones for more photo taking and videos.

After about an hour we went back to the monument to get some photos without the crowd being there.

Sye was still there still harassing anyone that went to the monument.
When he saw and recognized me, he came over towards me and said...
"That's the guy who threw my toilet seat!, that guy Is a very intolerant atheist!"
Of course by this time there is a Sheriffs Deputy there in case any trouble occurs.
While this is going on he's eyeballing me.
While Sye is still rambling on ... I walk up to him and say straight to his face, eye to eye.."Go Fuck Yourself."
Then I turned around and walked away.
I could hear Sye behind me, all he could do was repeat that he thought I was an intolerant atheist.
I have to say... Telling that asshole off felt great.
So for all you people that have always wanted to tell him to Fuck Off, consider it done.

Eric Hovind and Sye were at the event to do 2 things.
Humiliate and intimidate us atheists.
Thankfully they failed on both accounts.
We were proud of being there and we were not intimidated by their sad attempts to intrude upon our day.

What being there did for me was to galvanize my own call to action that I see is necessary.
Activism is needed. Our rights to be treated fairly and as equals are being controlled by the very same religious
people that want nothing more than for us to be silent and to disappear. This can not be allowed to occur.

We are NOT sheep.
Our voices will be heard.
We will not be ignored.

I ask all of you reading this to think of how you can be more active in
spreading awareness of who atheists are and what fine people we are in real life.

It's by our being seen and heard that we change things.
We must actively seek challenges to the infringement of our equality.
Never doubt for a minute that this is a battle we wage, because I'm here to tell is.

Capt'n A

Learn all about ASH by going to our website:

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Hi Cap,

@sec_advisor here:

I've been friends with you and Wondie for quite some time now; in the Twitter sphere.

You two are, BY FAR, the most interesting people I've ever met on the internet. Amazing parents, extraordinary friends & absolute comic book nerds :D

I should make a point; to one day go to America, just to meet you guys.

Then we can go take our picture together at the Monument...

PLUS: You are getting good at blogging Cap. Keep it up!

Love you guys.

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