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Atheism and the Moral high ground.

Being an Atheist, I am constantly hearing about morality and how being an Atheist somehow precludes the
ability to be moral about our actions. The very outrageousness of being told that our godless lives dictate
that we are somehow absent the abilities to discern right and wrong! Such utter bollocks!

Morality is based on the society we are raised within. We see this whenever there are acts of violence being
committed by those that consider themselves to be devout believers of the religion they have been indoctrinated into.
To those cultures they feel they are doing nothing wrong. But when we apply the moral standards of western society
we judge their actions to be vile and disgusting.

Who is right in this situation?

Do we from another culture have the right to judge a much different
culture by the morals we were raised within when they were not?

It's a highly introspective question.

The answer for me, because I can only rightly speak for myself, is a complex one.

Knowing that cultural differences create the individuals path in life, I would say that there comes a time in any persons
Life that they must decide to follow what they've been told or decide to think for themselves and arrive at their own answer.
I say this because I believe it.

Regardless of the culture you are raised within, there will always be acts which are conscionable and unconscionable.
We are all faced with choosing to do things that go against our sense of right and wrong, how we arrive at this decision is
influenced by many things, I am going to focus on the impact of Religion.

Religious belief obscures the ability to make completely rational and unbiased decisions.

Think about what I just said.
I'm sure I will get jumped on for it, but nonetheless I have seen it in action.
When an individual has a belief system, logic goes out the window.
A necessary part of belief is the ability to push
observed reality aside, in favor of a delusional idea of a reality not in existence.
There can never be true rational thinking as long as belief is influencing decision making.

Being an Atheist allows us to make decisions without the influence of a religious/delusional mindset.
Godlessness sounds sacrilegious to the religious, but to us Atheists godlessness is the key to our freedom.

We answer to ourselves and those around us, not some made up god.

This is so important....WE answer for what we do to our own sense of right and wrong, and to our
friends and loved ones. We are responsible, we don't shirk the duty of responsibility.

This separates US from the religious.
Where the religious believe that things happen for godly reasons, often unanswerable by man.
The godless Atheist believes the opposite -things happen because of OUR own
actions, we create what happens by our own decisions.
We are responsible.

Once this realization occurs the world looks very different.
Suddenly we realize that we are in complete control of our immediate lives.
The choices we make create our lives.
Removing god from your life frees you to finally be responsible for it.

Atheists accept this completely.
Knowing this, lets get back to morality and Atheism.

My answer to the question above.
Yes, we DO have a right to judge others who commit acts which are reprehensible to us.
We do, because we know that it is a corruption of the persons humanity through religious indoctrination.
You must surrender your humanity to commit such atrocities.

I blame religion as the slayer of the innate humanity we are all born with.
I blame religion as the harbinger of genocide perpetrated upon the world.
Religion is the purveyor of false morality, false because it is based on convenience.
There can be little real morality, where there is religious based hatred beneath the surface.

So, remember this the next time a religious person pulls the moral high ground card on you.

They have high morals only when it suits their religious beliefs.

While Atheists have an innate sense of morality that is based on their own sense of social
responsibility to those around them irregardless of any religious influence

Which would you rather be?

This is why Atheists will always have the moral high ground.

Be Atheist Proud.

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Well done! Solid logic. I'm proud of you!

This post puts into words my own feelings exactly, and I could have written it myself. I love it.

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