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Islamaphobia and Racism

What does this word mean to you?
In the context of how is has been put to use most
Recently, it is used to portray a person speaking out
about Islam as being hateful or racist to those that
follow the qu'ran.
A phobia is a Fear.
Islam creates much fear in the world through it's
constant affiliation to terrorist acts committed
against anyone that is considered a target.
It is understandable that Islam is feared,
the actions witnessed prove this fear to be just.

The issue is with the term Islamaphobia being used as a
demarcation Of a hate crime. We must all be very careful
of using the term "hate crime" when speaking of those that
disagree with the ideas and teachings of a belief system
that is based on human abuse as it's foundation of controlling
it's followers.
The issue of being classified as a "Racist" by ridiculing Islam
or the Muslims that follow Islam, is completely unjust and plain
stupid. Muslim is not a race. Muslim is only the term used to
tell others that that person is a follower of Islam.

Ridicule of Islam and Muslims is not Racism.

The baseless claim of a person being Islamaphobic and therefore
Racist, is used to intimidate and prevent the fearful from
speaking out against the abuses that many Muslims perpetrate
Upon the world in the name of Islam.

Sadly there are governments in countries such as Sweden and now
England, that are going to great lengths to appease their growing
Muslim populations by granting protections above and beyond
the established laws, mostly because of the fear of being labeled
as a "Racist Islamaphobe".

The control of a nations governing body, based on this absurd
false labeling, is tantamount to extortion by public humiliation.

Countries which give in to such tactics are bound to become
the future nations of Islam. For the very goal, is world

So, next time you hear the term "Islamaphobia" followed by
"Racist", pay attention...the rights you take for granted may be lost.

As an Atheist, ridicule of belief systems which harm people is a necessity.
we must never allow false claims to silence our voices.
Nothing and No one, is above scrutiny.

Capt'n A!


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