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Being an individual in a group

Being an individual in a group.

There are many groups that people join, Atheists International, American Atheists, FFRF, Etc.
There are countless Atheist organizations, Secular Coalitions, and Humanist organizations.
I literally could not name them all.
So, with all the groups in the world...why the big stink over being part of a group on twitter?
ASH is just that, a group on twitter.
It's rather ridiculous the amount of effort that some people are putting forth to defame
ASH on twitter. Telling people about this hate campaign sounds silly enough, but it's real.
I'm a firm believer that hate is a useless activity. As I get older I have less
patience for wasting time over it. Hatred is an all consuming flame, and for those that
give into it, they put their mental health in jeopardy because of it.

Let's talk more about groups, as example, lets talk about Richard Dawkins.
Eminent scientist, author, atheist, and humanist, Richard Dawkins is a Vice President
of the British Humanist Association, and founder of "The Brights".
Those are two groups that he has very close ties to.
Is Mr. Dawkins wrong in being part of groups that represent his own personal
goals in the world? Does this make him elitist? Does this mean he is damaging
atheism by following his own course through life as he sees fit?

Of course not!

I use Richard as an example because he is a fine fellow atheist and his efforts to help
all of us can not ever be ignored. I respect this man greatly. I do not think he is being
elitist in any way, nor do I feel he is causing separation in the atheist community by his groups.

So, lets get back to twitter and ASH.

ASH is a group.
What began as a fun group of atheists who loved superheroes and looking out for one another,
has grown and matured into the ASH of today. A group of volunteers banding together to further
the causes of those things they care about in the world, while helping their fellow atheists on twitter.

ASH is:
Atheism Secularism Humanism. The group supports these ideals.

It's very simple...ASH is a group comprised of fierce individuals that have agreed that by working
together we can make the world a better place through:
challenging ideas, presenting evidence, supporting our fellow humans that need our help,
and generally pushing theists to think critically.

We do these things because we genuinely care about people.
We do this with no thought of reward, because if by our efforts we help someone...
that by itself is all the reward that any of us could ever ask for.
And help people we have. The accolades are being seen everyday now.
The stories of how we have changed people's lives, of how ASH gives our
fellow atheists a sense of belonging and family. It's more than I ever could have
thought would happen, and I'm touched that we are loved so much.
I see no end to the positive influence that ASH has begun, and I'm
thrilled to continue the work we do together.

In September we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary of the beginnings of ASH!
I look back on this past year and I marvel at the long strange trip it's been. I marvel at
ALL of the amazing people I've met and continue to meet all the time. I marvel at the
incredible growth ASH has seen and the amazing way that we have literally touched
peoples lives in a positive and meaningful way, and for this reason I am very proud
to have seen this transformation from the very beginning.

ASH members, be extremely proud of ALL our accomplishments, and never let anyone tell
you that you've not made a difference in the lives of your fellow atheists, for you have.
Your efforts and care for your fellow Humans makes me very proud of you.

ASH is here to help... and help is what we'll do.
Together we are unstoppable.

Capt'n Atheist

Check out the latest about ASH by going to our website!

Lots of changes are in the works
It's going to be a fantastic year # 2!


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