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What can we, as atheists, do to change the world in a positive way?

What can we, as Atheists, do to change the world in a positive way?

How often are you confronted with people, who upon hearing you're an Atheist,
act as though there's been a death in your family?

The presupposition that in order to be an atheist you must naturally be a very droll person.
A person that is without excitement and wonder.

Oddly, and surprisingly .... We know this is an untruth told about atheists.
Odd, because it's so obviously untrue... You wonder who believes such tripe.
And surprising because I can think of no group of people more full of wonder than atheists!

As we are seen more, and as more atheists come out of the proverbial closet, we will change this
wrong image of who we are. We only need be ourselves to allow the change to take place.

There is no "set of rules" in atheism.
Our only shared commonality is the simplest.
We LACK belief in ANY gods.

That's right, you name the god.... And we'll laugh at him or her as easily as any other.

It's the whole idea of worshiping a being based upon stories and fear based proselytizing.

Where are the hard facts of any gods existence?
Where is the evidence not only of their existence, but also,
where is the necessity of needing such a being for our universe to exist?
The answer?
There is none.

No gods are necessary, and are in fact...
Superfluous to what science has discovered so far, and is still discovering.

In today's world, it is the believer in religion that is negligent in understanding reality.
It is the atheist, who without a need for a superfluous god, can delve into the mysteries of our existence and
use science to not just understand the nature of reality for themselves, but use that science to illuminate those
living in the darkness that is a world ruled by intellectual dishonesty, a world called religion.

We atheists have every right to be happy and eager to share what we've found true for ourselves.
Think of all that has brought you to a godless life.
Think of the situations you've found yourself in along the way to where you are now.
Think of how you once were.
Think of what surprises you the most on a daily basis now that god belief has been removed.
Think of how your life has substantially changed by your letting go of religious fallacies.
Think of the tremendous freedom we atheists have in how we allow our minds to accept information
based on its value as being truthful and useful, we are fortunate, and we have every right to be happy.

What we can do to make positive changes in the world ... is something very simple.

Be who you are, and willingly give a part of yourself, whether it be knowledge or appreciation,
to all those people who come into your life.
Give it freely and be proud to be an atheist.
And when people realize you're an atheist, they'll wonder... why they're NOT.

Capt'n A!

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A very positive entry. I agree with everything you've said here. We too often lose sight of the simple things that bring joy and wonder. Good Stuff.

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