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Islam and Taqiyah

I have to tell you all I am very pissed at the moment.
Just got done reading @Sec_advisor blog on sharia law courts and gangs imposing their ideas of law on the women of London.
What comes to mind after watching the videos?
What the FUCK is going on in a country when religious laws are being superimposed onto the law of the land?
How is this permitted and why is this not seen as a form of insurrection to actual law?
Plus these men are openly pushing their agenda fearlessly!

It makes one wonder, how did we get to this spot?
What the hell happened?
How do we go from peaceful and nice appearing Muslim people,
to loud and objectionable men who think that they will bring their practices
of subjugation to whatever land they live in?

How do the two images fit together?

The peaceful, humble, soft spoken, friendly Muslim.
And the raging, vein in the temple popping out, Muslim extremist that yells " Death to the infidels!"

There will always be "moderates" and "extremists" irregardless of what religion we are talking about.

But, also there will be certain aspects of all religions that are tenants that must be adhered to be considered
a practitioner of the said religion.
Christianity- the bible, Islam- the Quran
In Christianity you have the 10 Commandments, in Islam you have Sharia Law.
Laws for both faiths to follow and stridently adhere to.

It is the adherence to these religious Laws that create the nature of what we decide is
either a moderate practitioner or an extremist practitioner.

If one adheres to the bible and the 10 Commandments strictly, we'd call them Fundamentalists.
That's the extreme form of Christianity, the Fundamentalist.
In Islam, it's the strict practitioner of Sharia Law. Islam fully expects sharia law to be inacted or you
are not really a good Muslim, and may be punished for not following the holy law yourself.

This is no small quibble, stoning to death WILL leave a most definite mark!

With all of this in mind, let's get back to why we see these peaceful Muslim's
and then the incredible juxtaposition of the Muslim extremist.

What I am about to say does not mean that I believe all Muslim people are one way or the other,
I do not wish to make any broad generalizations about people regardless of religious view.
If you take it that way, YOU are choosing to do so...especially after writing the previous two sentences!

Lets talk about something you may have never heard of before.
It is a a single word with a few different spellings, I will use this one:


Taqiyah is a form of lying that is acceptable in order to forward the goals of Islam.
Commonly used when dealing with infidels as a means to gain favor in a situation that
may be presently un-winnable when dealt with honestly. The subterfuge is used to gain
an advantage to later use to win the situation over to Islam.

Take for example the two forms of (very generalized types of Muslims for arguments sake only)
That I mentioned above.

Muslims immigrating to a new country may be few and out numbered by the populace of that country,
In this situation power is unattainable. They are humble and peaceful.

Once the Muslim population grows within that country, you begin to see a change occur in the
peacefulness and tolerance they once were so happy to demonstrate. They begin asking for
special religious privileges, as we now see in the UK. They will set up their own Sharia Courts,
Of course just to appease the faithful, not to impose stonings or the cutting off of limbs. At least, not yet.

After the population of Muslims has grown within the country they have immigrated to in sizable numbers,
that's when the asking for special treatment becomes demands and willful domination by whatever means
Possible. This is the extreme version of Muslim predominance we see often in Muslim countries today.
Once this happens there is little going back without a fight.
Sharia Law becomes the only Law recognized and sovereignty of the country is lost.

TAQIYAH makes all of this possible.

Lying is permitted and necessary in certain situations to achieve Muslim dominance.

Understand this:
Islam is the only religion that tells it's believers that lying is necessary and expected of them
in order for Islam to defeat the non-believing infidel.

Lying is expected and necessary.

TAQIYAH learn this term, realize that all is not as it seems
in the Muslim world.
Realize that Forceful world domination is the true goal of Islam.

World domination at any cost has only one loser...Humanity itself

Capt'n A!

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Very well done! I'm proud of you!

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