ASH: Atheism Secularism Humanism

Hey everyone!

By now you've probably noticed a big change in how ASH has changed.

From here on out, there is no actual group, or exclusivity.
Anyone that supports the ideas of Atheism, Secularism, and Humanism is welcome
to use a "Twibbon" to show their support for those ideas.

The change was spurned on by the entire debacle of the Atheism+/ BlockBot.

When a group forms like Atheism+ it can have a negative impact or a positive one.

The problem with any "group" is it's exclusivity.
Not all people are included.
The inherent problem with this has been demonstrated by the events of this past week,
with the Atheism+BlockBot. This is a group that insists on it's members adhering to a very
stringent form of behavior.
Witnessing this has been a learning experience for myself and
many other people in the Atheist community on twitter.

It is because of this that ASH has now become what it really has always been,
an affiliation of like minded people that support what the 3 letters of ASH stand for:
Atheism Secularism and Humanism

Many Atheists already support these things.
They do so of their own accord, and on their own.

This is their choice, and I support it fully.

If you support the ideas that ASH represents you can chose to support
them as you wish.

The ASH Twibbon has been created to allow all those interested in showing
their support of Atheism, Secularism, and Humanism, a means to show it on their Avatar.
It's important to make the distinction that the Twibbon supports ideas we share,
and not a group mentality.

Previously, ASH (the group) had guidelines.
Those guidelines have been eliminated in favor of NO limitations on anyone's natural individuality.

From here on out...ASH is about what those letters mean.
Atheism Secularism and Humanism nothing more or less.

We are all individuals that share common interests.
No "group" is needed, no "guidelines" are needed, the only thing
that's needed is your sincerity in helping to support these ideals.

Thank you to everyone that's helped and supported ASH!
This is the next step!

Capt'n Atheist/ Steve


Being an individual in a group

Being an individual in a group.

There are many groups that people join, Atheists International, American Atheists, FFRF, Etc.
There are countless Atheist organizations, Secular Coalitions, and Humanist organizations.
I literally could not name them all.
So, with all the groups in the world...why the big stink over being part of a group on twitter?
ASH is just that, a group on twitter.
It's rather ridiculous the amount of effort that some people are putting forth to defame
ASH on twitter. Telling people about this hate campaign sounds silly enough, but it's real.
I'm a firm believer that hate is a useless activity. As I get older I have less
patience for wasting time over it. Hatred is an all consuming flame, and for those that
give into it, they put their mental health in jeopardy because of it.

Let's talk more about groups, as example, lets talk about Richard Dawkins.
Eminent scientist, author, atheist, and humanist, Richard Dawkins is a Vice President
of the British Humanist Association, and founder of "The Brights".
Those are two groups that he has very close ties to.
Is Mr. Dawkins wrong in being part of groups that represent his own personal
goals in the world? Does this make him elitist? Does this mean he is damaging
atheism by following his own course through life as he sees fit?

Of course not!

I use Richard as an example because he is a fine fellow atheist and his efforts to help
all of us can not ever be ignored. I respect this man greatly. I do not think he is being
elitist in any way, nor do I feel he is causing separation in the atheist community by his groups.

So, lets get back to twitter and ASH.

ASH is a group.
What began as a fun group of atheists who loved superheroes and looking out for one another,
has grown and matured into the ASH of today. A group of volunteers banding together to further
the causes of those things they care about in the world, while helping their fellow atheists on twitter.

ASH is:
Atheism Secularism Humanism. The group supports these ideals.

It's very simple...ASH is a group comprised of fierce individuals that have agreed that by working
together we can make the world a better place through:
challenging ideas, presenting evidence, supporting our fellow humans that need our help,
and generally pushing theists to think critically.

We do these things because we genuinely care about people.
We do this with no thought of reward, because if by our efforts we help someone...
that by itself is all the reward that any of us could ever ask for.
And help people we have. The accolades are being seen everyday now.
The stories of how we have changed people's lives, of how ASH gives our
fellow atheists a sense of belonging and family. It's more than I ever could have
thought would happen, and I'm touched that we are loved so much.
I see no end to the positive influence that ASH has begun, and I'm
thrilled to continue the work we do together.

In September we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary of the beginnings of ASH!
I look back on this past year and I marvel at the long strange trip it's been. I marvel at
ALL of the amazing people I've met and continue to meet all the time. I marvel at the
incredible growth ASH has seen and the amazing way that we have literally touched
peoples lives in a positive and meaningful way, and for this reason I am very proud
to have seen this transformation from the very beginning.

ASH members, be extremely proud of ALL our accomplishments, and never let anyone tell
you that you've not made a difference in the lives of your fellow atheists, for you have.
Your efforts and care for your fellow Humans makes me very proud of you.

ASH is here to help... and help is what we'll do.
Together we are unstoppable.

Capt'n Atheist

Check out the latest about ASH by going to our website!

Lots of changes are in the works
It's going to be a fantastic year # 2!

The Atheist Monument

The Atheist Monument ( actually called a "Monument to our Secular Nation")

The Monument event was a watershed moment for me.
Being surrounded by in excess of 250 atheists was a novel experience!
To gather that many atheists together in real life is awesome, and the electricity was in the air!
It was a fine event. American Atheists spearheaded the event and the Monument was paid for by
a private party. This same individual is donating the money to build 50 of these monuments spread out through the US.

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about the monument.
It is NOT an atheist monument.
The monument has some atheist quotes, but also many if not most are secular.
It is a reminder that this great nation was founded on the non-religious principles of equality and non-persecution.
It is not a monument to atheism.

The day went well with the exception of what transpired at the conclusion of the eloquent speeches made.

Probably 95% of all the attendees that day, drove many miles to be there for the unveiling.
The anticipation of posing with the monument as you had your photo taken was something we all looked forward to.

American Atheists David Silverman was kind enough to sit on the bench/monument and pose with all that were interested.
Lots of happy atheists got their photo with David that day.

Ironically it was as @Wondiebee's turn when Eric Hovind decided to jump up and on top of the monument that day.
In the newspaper photos you will see @Wondiebee sitting beside David Silverman with Eric Hovind standing on top of the

I never did get her that photo that day.

Hovind, showing the same lack of respect he showed all day, decided that the monument would be his personal pulpit to preach his
bullshit to a crowd of none too pleased atheists. He was up there for about 2-3 minutes. A sad, pathetic display for exhibitionist attention.
Finally, as David Silverman offered his hand to come down, Hovind stepped down. On his way he said something to David that I could not
make out. At that time someone in the crowd shouted, " They wouldn't like it if we stood on their monument!"
It was at that point that Mr. Silverman went over to the 10 Commandments monument and stood on the base of the monument,
not on top as some papers later reported erroneously.

After this happened, Hovind's lackey and partner in crime Sye approached the atheist monument/bench.
He was carrying a toilet seat in one hand and a roll of toilet paper in the other.

It was at this point that he loudly remarked more than once... "This monument I looks like a toilet and is a piece of shit."
To which he added..." It's not really complete with out this toilet seat and toilet paper."

All while this is happening, people are trying to get photos of the monument as they sit on the bench.
A guy sitting on the bench and @Wondibee both tried snatching the toilet seat away from Sye to no avail.

This whole time I was standing there observing and trying to keep my cool, even though I wanted to slug both of them!

That's when I latched onto the toilet seat and snatched it away from Sye. Once I had it I looked at where I wanted to throw it and
Let it fly Captain America shield style in the air and then into concrete about 30 feet away. No one was where it landed.

It was reported by those standing 10 feet away from the road, that a passing car had thrown it at them, they wrongly assumed
that was the case because they were not privy to the exchange between Sye and myself 30 feet away.

After I threw the seat, I looked at Sye and said, " There goes your toy, what are you gonna' do now?" He looked shocked.
Then again when I'm pissed off, @WondieBee says I look rather intimidating.

At that time @WondieBee and I took a break in the car to charge up our phones for more photo taking and videos.

After about an hour we went back to the monument to get some photos without the crowd being there.

Sye was still there still harassing anyone that went to the monument.
When he saw and recognized me, he came over towards me and said...
"That's the guy who threw my toilet seat!, that guy Is a very intolerant atheist!"
Of course by this time there is a Sheriffs Deputy there in case any trouble occurs.
While this is going on he's eyeballing me.
While Sye is still rambling on ... I walk up to him and say straight to his face, eye to eye.."Go Fuck Yourself."
Then I turned around and walked away.
I could hear Sye behind me, all he could do was repeat that he thought I was an intolerant atheist.
I have to say... Telling that asshole off felt great.
So for all you people that have always wanted to tell him to Fuck Off, consider it done.

Eric Hovind and Sye were at the event to do 2 things.
Humiliate and intimidate us atheists.
Thankfully they failed on both accounts.
We were proud of being there and we were not intimidated by their sad attempts to intrude upon our day.

What being there did for me was to galvanize my own call to action that I see is necessary.
Activism is needed. Our rights to be treated fairly and as equals are being controlled by the very same religious
people that want nothing more than for us to be silent and to disappear. This can not be allowed to occur.

We are NOT sheep.
Our voices will be heard.
We will not be ignored.

I ask all of you reading this to think of how you can be more active in
spreading awareness of who atheists are and what fine people we are in real life.

It's by our being seen and heard that we change things.
We must actively seek challenges to the infringement of our equality.
Never doubt for a minute that this is a battle we wage, because I'm here to tell is.

Capt'n A

Learn all about ASH by going to our website:

What can we, as atheists, do to change the world in a positive way?

What can we, as Atheists, do to change the world in a positive way?

How often are you confronted with people, who upon hearing you're an Atheist,
act as though there's been a death in your family?

The presupposition that in order to be an atheist you must naturally be a very droll person.
A person that is without excitement and wonder.

Oddly, and surprisingly .... We know this is an untruth told about atheists.
Odd, because it's so obviously untrue... You wonder who believes such tripe.
And surprising because I can think of no group of people more full of wonder than atheists!

As we are seen more, and as more atheists come out of the proverbial closet, we will change this
wrong image of who we are. We only need be ourselves to allow the change to take place.

There is no "set of rules" in atheism.
Our only shared commonality is the simplest.
We LACK belief in ANY gods.

That's right, you name the god.... And we'll laugh at him or her as easily as any other.

It's the whole idea of worshiping a being based upon stories and fear based proselytizing.

Where are the hard facts of any gods existence?
Where is the evidence not only of their existence, but also,
where is the necessity of needing such a being for our universe to exist?
The answer?
There is none.

No gods are necessary, and are in fact...
Superfluous to what science has discovered so far, and is still discovering.

In today's world, it is the believer in religion that is negligent in understanding reality.
It is the atheist, who without a need for a superfluous god, can delve into the mysteries of our existence and
use science to not just understand the nature of reality for themselves, but use that science to illuminate those
living in the darkness that is a world ruled by intellectual dishonesty, a world called religion.

We atheists have every right to be happy and eager to share what we've found true for ourselves.
Think of all that has brought you to a godless life.
Think of the situations you've found yourself in along the way to where you are now.
Think of how you once were.
Think of what surprises you the most on a daily basis now that god belief has been removed.
Think of how your life has substantially changed by your letting go of religious fallacies.
Think of the tremendous freedom we atheists have in how we allow our minds to accept information
based on its value as being truthful and useful, we are fortunate, and we have every right to be happy.

What we can do to make positive changes in the world ... is something very simple.

Be who you are, and willingly give a part of yourself, whether it be knowledge or appreciation,
to all those people who come into your life.
Give it freely and be proud to be an atheist.
And when people realize you're an atheist, they'll wonder... why they're NOT.

Capt'n A!

To find out what ASH is up to,
check out our site for the latest news!
We are here to help.


Intolerance and Atheism

Intolerance and Atheism.

Atheism is just one very simple thing:
A complete LACK of belief in any gods.
That's it.
Nothing more.
Nothing personal about likes or dislikes.
Nothing else except that one sentence.

So.... If you have a complete LACK belief in any gods.... You're an Atheist!

So too are ALL of the members of ASH Atheists.
We are Atheists who have volunteered to form a bond with one another to work together
to face the challenges that we as single/solitary Atheists could not. Voluntarily we do this.

So now you may ask, well what's this got to do with intolerance?

A lot.

Unless you've been in a cave or just not paying any attention lately,
ASH has come under a lot of flak for deciding to form as a team to work together.

You may ask..why is that?
What's wrong with adults volunteering to do as they wish?

These are the same questions I have been asking as well.

For me there is no bad side to Atheists working together if they so wish to do so it's their right...isn't it?

You would think this were not the case, thanks to some very petty people attacking us for just that.
Oh, and not just that...I forgot to mention the other reason some attack us, they feel that because
we like Superheroes and many of us ASH members use Superhero usernames and AVI's, we are
somehow an "Embarrassment" to Atheism.

You heard right.

Somehow, our like of Superheroes is an embarrassment to a complete LACK of belief in any gods.
I'm not entirely sure how a like of Superheroes causes an embarrassment for a term that
is a description for a lack of something... but that is one of the reasons given.

If you've read this far, thank you, for the illogic and unreasonable thoughts that make up this argument
against ASH are entirely petty and, I should say in my humble opinion, should be an embarrassment for
those that think this way. This, my friends, is Intolerance.

This then begs the question, in my mind, well then...who has the right to say how one should BE an Atheist?
Seemingly, if there is more qualification to being Atheist than having a complete LACK of belief in any gods, I'm truly at a loss.

We are all individuals.
We have our own likes and dislikes.
No one asks anyone to like as they like.
Atheists seem to me to be some of the most tolerant people I've ever met.
Tolerance is not the same as acceptance, but tolerance is nonetheless admirable.

ASH is a great group of fiercely independent minded individuals.
They are volunteers.
They are members of ASH because they want to contribute to Atheism
in a way that shows the entire world....that WE Atheists CAN work together.
That what was thought not possible, IS possible when the commitment is a choice.
ASH members are those people. They have made that commitment.

We are constantly growing.
Many people are still learning about who we are.
We welcome Atheists all over the world to join us and use the affiliation to unite us.

ASH is Atheists working together all over the world because they choose to.
What can be better than that?

Atheism is something we should all be proud to share and use to educate those
that are presently less fortunate than us, this is a primary focus of ASH.

I am proud of the commitment we share, and the future is looking better than ever!

Capt'n A!

Visit ASH at :
To find out the very latest news and events that ASH is up to!


ASH: What's it all about? Rough waters and a brief, but infamous, history.

We have been attacked quite a bit this past week.
There are some Atheists that don't understand what
we are about or what we are trying to accomplish.

Its been some very rough waters my friends.

We are being judged as a group in an unfair manner.
Unfairness and judgmental attitudes arise from ignorance about something.
This is the case with ASH.

In the hopes of helping to alleviate much of the confusion about us and what we are and what our goals are,
I have decided to post this.

We are stronger working as a team than working as individuals.

The above statement was the entire reason for the original group.

We were all being attacked by religious groups purely because we were talking about Atheism.
Groups like Tcot would attack us single Atheists and we would be spam/blocked into suspension.
This was happening all the time.
This sparked the initial idea of forming a group.
The SuperHero aspect was because the first members of the original group
(AtheistAvengers) liked superheroes.
The Avengers movie had only just been out and it made sense to use the idea as a way of uniting
us into a team that would help each other out in being attacked by fundamentalists on twitter.
At the time, many of us were suspended repeatedly.

The days of Tcot and other groups attacking us have just about stopped because we organized.
When it became know that some of us Atheists had banded into groups committed to helping each other and other Atheists, the Fundies began talking about us the : AV, AJL, AXM they mentioned how they were not going to go up against organized Atheists.
I was pleasently surprised to hear this was happening, for, prior to the groups...
we were being eaten alive by the mass attacks that Fundies would wage against Atheists.
Do you remember those days?
I think people have short memories of what was happening before we joined together.

What none of us could see was that there are people who are destructive in all walks of life, including Atheists.
This was a time of three separate groups, agreed to help one another,
The AV, The AJL, And The AXM.
We only used the designation of our respective group at the front of our usernames, we were so few, and people took the commitment seriously enough that we didn't think we would need to do more than that. We were wrong. As we became popular the groups began to be barged into by people of low standards and commitment.
We could do nothing to stop any twitter user from adding whatever initials they wanted to, to their username.

The Twitter Rules of Use were clear.
We could do nothing at that time to control our own standards of who would be able to join the group even if by initials alone. This confusion led to a now notorious blow-up that involved me and MrOzAtheist. I admittedly over reacted to a user adding the AV: to his username. I was wrong in doing so, and apologized to this user the next day. He is now a very good friend, @N1CKFURY1.

This blow-up caused issues within the group, even though I was being pressured by members within the group to stop interlopers, many members left at that time. I accept full responsibility for the situation and the aftermath.
To this day I still hear about it, even after the problem was rectified the stigma remains.

The groups did not end there, in fact they became stronger.
The difficulties in maintaining member standards, forced us to pursue a means of officially badging members as to prevent the confusion of those interlopers just adding letters to the AVI and then making us look bad when this nonmember would act poorly. Another thing that happened at this time was that those that barged into the groups and were causing serious mayhem with their constant infighting, @TheNeoAtheist and @SirenXPW, they were asked to leave. They would not be given the official badges, their behavior warranted this. Some of those that left at this time, still do make efforts to damage the group. We actively watch and ignore them as to not allow their influence to harm other members.

Around this time or shortly after there was another major blow-up with a few members and other Atheists including @MsGrumpy. The infighting that occurred was very petty and unnecessary, and continued for 2 days.
The AV members involved were asked to and made their apologies publicly, in fact all Atheists on all sides made their apologies with only one exception: @MsGrumpy
She would under no circumstances apologize to anyone, not even to those not involved in any of the infighting such as myself. She holds a grudge to this day about what happened that night. I feel very sad that she could not find it within herself to apologize for the sadistic and mean things she was saying about other Atheists that had already apologized for the initial issue. How we apologize to others, has a lot to do with our true character as a person.

Needless to say, I lost respect for this person as a result of her inability to embrace and offer something as simple as an apology. Being able to make an apology is a sign of maturity and human decency.

We were told by other Atheists at this time that our group should have rules of conduct so as to be able to punish behavior that was harmful to others. This was demanded by those that were no members.
Rules on an open forum? It seemed crazy, but it was being demanded that we "control" our members.

Because of this Atheist infighting issue, it was decided by the leaders of the
three groups, that rules of conduct were necessary to prevent this from
ever blowing up again. Hence the "No Atheist Infighting" on our guidelines page.
It has helped much to state very plainly that as a member, infighting will not be an accepted behavior.

It was after this huge blowup that the leaders of the three groups realized that even though members of only one group were involved in the blowup, all three groups were being blamed for the situation. So therefore it was decided that if we were going to be blamed all together, we may as well BE all together.
That's when the reformation as ASH occurred.
United as one team, we numbered at about 50 members.
The road from there which was about February 2013(3 months ago)
has been one of incredible growth within the team and our membership
World-wide, as we are now going Global.

Recently there was an issue with us being attacked for issues that individuals were having with the ASH group. Many disparaging remarks were being tossed about, many things were being said by nonmember Atheists to member Atheists trying to get them to react and break the very rules of conduct we were told by nonmember Atheists that we needed. This is currently ongoing.
One member was recently let go by the group for not stopping when the argument crossed the line into infighting. It had nothing to do with the argument being waged, only to do with the infighting aspect.
This prior member is not a bad Atheist, in fact I personally agree with him on many things.
The infighting occurring had to be ended and others needed to see that we ASH were
standing by the very rules we were told we needed to have by other nonmember Atheists.

Apparently Old grudges are not forgiven within the Atheist community.
As can be seen by the current series of attacks on ASH members.

None of this makes any sense to me.
ASH has always been here to help all Atheists.
ASH has gone out of it's way to pursue unfairness and
abuses when we find then, wether on Twitter or in the real world.
Our Current petition to fight Sharia Law from taking hold in the UK
is evidence of just the very beginnings of what a group like ASH
Is capable of.

As ASH Atheists we are treated differently.
We are held to a different standard, unfairly because of some fucking
letters before our names. Instead of who we are as individuals.
The letters ASH are our commitment of affiliation to the group
they mean nothing in regards to who we are as people

The hatred by other Atheists toward the concept
of an Atheist group is beyond my current understanding.

Hard to explain any of this to a person full of hatred for any atheists working together.
We are global, a concept like ASH is the only way to unite us...In a global way.

Think about that a minute. Atheists Are Global.
An Internet group is the only real way to bring these Atheists together, the affiliation to the group, spanning nations and oceans world-wide, is an amazing thing. This is what the group really represents to me.

All of the countries involved with us deserve the attention to Atheism we can bring as a global group.
This is why ASH is important.

How to explain that to haters that don't/can't see the BIg picture?

ASH is just an attention getter.
It is a way of affiliation for diverse people separated by vast distances on this world. I focus on that.

Atheists united and organized, that is the end goal.
World wide. We need to come together.

This is what ASH is working towards, this is what you, as an active member within ASH are playing a part in.
You forward this goal every day by spreading awareness of what an Atheist is- a normal person.

We can only create real and lasting changes as a ...World-Wide global organization.

As our numbers become hundreds and then thousands, this will become apparent to many. The ability of affecting change can only come about through the participation of Atheists in all countries coming together.
We are the seedling, but we have the ability to grow into a mighty tree
able to withstand the fighting that will come against us. It is by the unity we share in
our goals that we will continue to meet whatever challenges we will face.

There are Atheists all over this world who are looking for a way to come out and be heard.
To be a part...Of something much bigger than themselves.

This is what ASH represents, a group of global Atheists, united for Atheism and fighting
for goals within their own countries but affiliated with all Atheists within the world-wide group.

At the rate we are currently growing...
we will number in the thousands within about a year from now if not sooner.

It's a big thing, Atheists united and working together.
Be proud of it.

Those Atheists that disparage us, they are the loners that fear teamwork.
They fear breaking down the false idea that as an Atheist you must be a loner,
ASH has proven that the concept of Atheists working as a team is Sound.
We have proven that we understand loyalty and dedication to something much
bigger and important than ourselves.

We Atheists that are ASH members have the focus to see what's important, WE are ALL Atheists.
We understand that we must organize to accomplish goals.
We ASH members represent the very idea that will improve
the lives of many Atheists the world over.
We can and do make a difference.
We will continue to do so, with the scope of our ability to do so
becoming larger as we continue to grow throughout the world.

ASH is something to be proud of.
And I am proud of you all.

Capt'n Atheist


Atheists are the Worlds True Optimists

Atheists are the worlds True Optimists!

Sounds strange doesn't it?
Atheism and Optimism.

Question is why should it sound strange at all?

Optimism as explained in Wikipedia:

"Optimism is a mental attitude or world view that interprets situations and events as being best (optimized), meaning that in some way for factors that may not be fully comprehended, the present moment is in an optimum state. The concept is typically extended to include the attitude of hope for future conditions unfolding as optimal as well. A common idiom used to illustrate optimism versus pessimism is a glass with water at the halfway point, where the optimist is said to see the glass as half full, but the pessimist sees the glass as half empty."

Atheists are very often presumed to be "Angry" people who shy away from the world.
This may have been once very true. In times past Atheists did indeed have to hide away....
because they were considered Heretics, and would be tortured or put to death unless
agreeing to believing in a god.

I am here to say that this image is today a mis-conception.
This is the time of the happy good neighbor Atheist. As a matter of fact,
I bet you have some in every neighborhood in the USA. You just can't
always tell who they are....because they are so "normal".

I can tell you from my own personal experience, I am a very happy Atheist.
I look forward to all there is to learn and the countless ways to stretch my mind
in trying to answer the questions I feel so very free to ask, now that the whole
useless concept of a god has been removed from my ability to reason with intellect.

I say it is the believer in a vengeful and ever merciless god that is angry and pessimistic.
They so dislike this life, that they can do nothing but think of a made up place called heaven.
That is dourly pessimistic to me, living but not this life is some kind of waiting room
till they step thru that door to the divine hereafter! Please.....!

The Atheist is in awe at the majestic wonder of an entire universe!

It is the questions we do not yet know the answers to, that most compels us to venture
into the darkness of the unknown, to push harder than before, to peel back the curtain,
all for the purpose of learning today, what we did not know yesterday.

This to me is true optimism

Atheists are the Worlds true Optimists!

Be Atheist Proud and let yourself be a happy Atheist!
You have an entire Universe of Wonder right outside your door.
Explore it!
Ask questions!
Let your ability to think critically revel in it's Freedom!

Capt'n A!

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Islam and Taqiyah

I have to tell you all I am very pissed at the moment.
Just got done reading @Sec_advisor blog on sharia law courts and gangs imposing their ideas of law on the women of London.
What comes to mind after watching the videos?
What the FUCK is going on in a country when religious laws are being superimposed onto the law of the land?
How is this permitted and why is this not seen as a form of insurrection to actual law?
Plus these men are openly pushing their agenda fearlessly!

It makes one wonder, how did we get to this spot?
What the hell happened?
How do we go from peaceful and nice appearing Muslim people,
to loud and objectionable men who think that they will bring their practices
of subjugation to whatever land they live in?

How do the two images fit together?

The peaceful, humble, soft spoken, friendly Muslim.
And the raging, vein in the temple popping out, Muslim extremist that yells " Death to the infidels!"

There will always be "moderates" and "extremists" irregardless of what religion we are talking about.

But, also there will be certain aspects of all religions that are tenants that must be adhered to be considered
a practitioner of the said religion.
Christianity- the bible, Islam- the Quran
In Christianity you have the 10 Commandments, in Islam you have Sharia Law.
Laws for both faiths to follow and stridently adhere to.

It is the adherence to these religious Laws that create the nature of what we decide is
either a moderate practitioner or an extremist practitioner.

If one adheres to the bible and the 10 Commandments strictly, we'd call them Fundamentalists.
That's the extreme form of Christianity, the Fundamentalist.
In Islam, it's the strict practitioner of Sharia Law. Islam fully expects sharia law to be inacted or you
are not really a good Muslim, and may be punished for not following the holy law yourself.

This is no small quibble, stoning to death WILL leave a most definite mark!

With all of this in mind, let's get back to why we see these peaceful Muslim's
and then the incredible juxtaposition of the Muslim extremist.

What I am about to say does not mean that I believe all Muslim people are one way or the other,
I do not wish to make any broad generalizations about people regardless of religious view.
If you take it that way, YOU are choosing to do so...especially after writing the previous two sentences!

Lets talk about something you may have never heard of before.
It is a a single word with a few different spellings, I will use this one:


Taqiyah is a form of lying that is acceptable in order to forward the goals of Islam.
Commonly used when dealing with infidels as a means to gain favor in a situation that
may be presently un-winnable when dealt with honestly. The subterfuge is used to gain
an advantage to later use to win the situation over to Islam.

Take for example the two forms of (very generalized types of Muslims for arguments sake only)
That I mentioned above.

Muslims immigrating to a new country may be few and out numbered by the populace of that country,
In this situation power is unattainable. They are humble and peaceful.

Once the Muslim population grows within that country, you begin to see a change occur in the
peacefulness and tolerance they once were so happy to demonstrate. They begin asking for
special religious privileges, as we now see in the UK. They will set up their own Sharia Courts,
Of course just to appease the faithful, not to impose stonings or the cutting off of limbs. At least, not yet.

After the population of Muslims has grown within the country they have immigrated to in sizable numbers,
that's when the asking for special treatment becomes demands and willful domination by whatever means
Possible. This is the extreme version of Muslim predominance we see often in Muslim countries today.
Once this happens there is little going back without a fight.
Sharia Law becomes the only Law recognized and sovereignty of the country is lost.

TAQIYAH makes all of this possible.

Lying is permitted and necessary in certain situations to achieve Muslim dominance.

Understand this:
Islam is the only religion that tells it's believers that lying is necessary and expected of them
in order for Islam to defeat the non-believing infidel.

Lying is expected and necessary.

TAQIYAH learn this term, realize that all is not as it seems
in the Muslim world.
Realize that Forceful world domination is the true goal of Islam.

World domination at any cost has only one loser...Humanity itself

Capt'n A!

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Atheism and the Moral high ground.

Being an Atheist, I am constantly hearing about morality and how being an Atheist somehow precludes the
ability to be moral about our actions. The very outrageousness of being told that our godless lives dictate
that we are somehow absent the abilities to discern right and wrong! Such utter bollocks!

Morality is based on the society we are raised within. We see this whenever there are acts of violence being
committed by those that consider themselves to be devout believers of the religion they have been indoctrinated into.
To those cultures they feel they are doing nothing wrong. But when we apply the moral standards of western society
we judge their actions to be vile and disgusting.

Who is right in this situation?

Do we from another culture have the right to judge a much different
culture by the morals we were raised within when they were not?

It's a highly introspective question.

The answer for me, because I can only rightly speak for myself, is a complex one.

Knowing that cultural differences create the individuals path in life, I would say that there comes a time in any persons
Life that they must decide to follow what they've been told or decide to think for themselves and arrive at their own answer.
I say this because I believe it.

Regardless of the culture you are raised within, there will always be acts which are conscionable and unconscionable.
We are all faced with choosing to do things that go against our sense of right and wrong, how we arrive at this decision is
influenced by many things, I am going to focus on the impact of Religion.

Religious belief obscures the ability to make completely rational and unbiased decisions.

Think about what I just said.
I'm sure I will get jumped on for it, but nonetheless I have seen it in action.
When an individual has a belief system, logic goes out the window.
A necessary part of belief is the ability to push
observed reality aside, in favor of a delusional idea of a reality not in existence.
There can never be true rational thinking as long as belief is influencing decision making.

Being an Atheist allows us to make decisions without the influence of a religious/delusional mindset.
Godlessness sounds sacrilegious to the religious, but to us Atheists godlessness is the key to our freedom.

We answer to ourselves and those around us, not some made up god.

This is so important....WE answer for what we do to our own sense of right and wrong, and to our
friends and loved ones. We are responsible, we don't shirk the duty of responsibility.

This separates US from the religious.
Where the religious believe that things happen for godly reasons, often unanswerable by man.
The godless Atheist believes the opposite -things happen because of OUR own
actions, we create what happens by our own decisions.
We are responsible.

Once this realization occurs the world looks very different.
Suddenly we realize that we are in complete control of our immediate lives.
The choices we make create our lives.
Removing god from your life frees you to finally be responsible for it.

Atheists accept this completely.
Knowing this, lets get back to morality and Atheism.

My answer to the question above.
Yes, we DO have a right to judge others who commit acts which are reprehensible to us.
We do, because we know that it is a corruption of the persons humanity through religious indoctrination.
You must surrender your humanity to commit such atrocities.

I blame religion as the slayer of the innate humanity we are all born with.
I blame religion as the harbinger of genocide perpetrated upon the world.
Religion is the purveyor of false morality, false because it is based on convenience.
There can be little real morality, where there is religious based hatred beneath the surface.

So, remember this the next time a religious person pulls the moral high ground card on you.

They have high morals only when it suits their religious beliefs.

While Atheists have an innate sense of morality that is based on their own sense of social
responsibility to those around them irregardless of any religious influence

Which would you rather be?

This is why Atheists will always have the moral high ground.

Be Atheist Proud.

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Islamaphobia and Racism

What does this word mean to you?
In the context of how is has been put to use most
Recently, it is used to portray a person speaking out
about Islam as being hateful or racist to those that
follow the qu'ran.
A phobia is a Fear.
Islam creates much fear in the world through it's
constant affiliation to terrorist acts committed
against anyone that is considered a target.
It is understandable that Islam is feared,
the actions witnessed prove this fear to be just.

The issue is with the term Islamaphobia being used as a
demarcation Of a hate crime. We must all be very careful
of using the term "hate crime" when speaking of those that
disagree with the ideas and teachings of a belief system
that is based on human abuse as it's foundation of controlling
it's followers.
The issue of being classified as a "Racist" by ridiculing Islam
or the Muslims that follow Islam, is completely unjust and plain
stupid. Muslim is not a race. Muslim is only the term used to
tell others that that person is a follower of Islam.

Ridicule of Islam and Muslims is not Racism.

The baseless claim of a person being Islamaphobic and therefore
Racist, is used to intimidate and prevent the fearful from
speaking out against the abuses that many Muslims perpetrate
Upon the world in the name of Islam.

Sadly there are governments in countries such as Sweden and now
England, that are going to great lengths to appease their growing
Muslim populations by granting protections above and beyond
the established laws, mostly because of the fear of being labeled
as a "Racist Islamaphobe".

The control of a nations governing body, based on this absurd
false labeling, is tantamount to extortion by public humiliation.

Countries which give in to such tactics are bound to become
the future nations of Islam. For the very goal, is world

So, next time you hear the term "Islamaphobia" followed by
"Racist", pay attention...the rights you take for granted may be lost.

As an Atheist, ridicule of belief systems which harm people is a necessity.
we must never allow false claims to silence our voices.
Nothing and No one, is above scrutiny.

Capt'n A!


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